GERDA STUCKMANN, Externes Personalmanagement Ein Arbeitgeberservice
für Personalaufgaben

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HR Support Service
for Start up Companies

GERDA STUCKMANN, External Personnel Management (EPM), offers international companies, which are planning to start up a German branch office, any support in Human Resources services.

EPM supports your company in recruiting staff considering the special requirements of establishing a place of business in a new market. Before starting the search process we take the time to get to know your company, its products and business strategy. EPM will endeavor to trace out the bright, highly-skilled self-starters, who are willing to work in an understaffed and unorganized environment. And of course, we work side by side with you in negotiating the adequate employment conditions and drafting the contracts.

Moreover EPM can take over the complete subsequent HR support of employees until the subsidiary's size and structure makes it possible to establish its own HR function.

Gerda Stuckmann has a degree in national economy and sociology and was HR manager in German subsidiaries of several international groups. She gained competency by long years of experience in all fields of HR functions and management of multi-cultural HR projects. Since 1997 she has been working as a freelance Human Resources Manager. Her freelance projects: HR interim management for the German subsidiary of an international logistics group, realization of various human resources, consulting and recruitment projects, e.g. for a Japanese electronic group, for an Italian oil company, for an employers' association and for several medium-sized enterprises.

Gerda Stuckmann, EPM, sees herself as your committed business partner providing custom-made service at reasonable prices. Being doer and consultant at the same time, her creed is to be a practitioner, no theorist!


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